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Michigan Reception: More Photos

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This set has more of the wedding details, like the cake and the flowers. Actually if anyone got good close-ups of the cake topper, please email me your photos!

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Wedding Space Race

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Check out this photo of the inside of Branson’s ship:

WhiteKnight2 Takes Oshkosh

Doesn’t it look like the inside of the TARDIS?

Richard Branson said in 2008 that he would marry a couple in space.

It looks like “SpaceShipTwo” might start running some flights later this year, attached this plane, VMS Eve:


I wonder if Branson will beat Cindy Cashman’s space vehicle? Ms. Cashman plans to get marred in 2010 in space.

At once point a tabloid-like British blog mistakenly thought Branson had married Noah and I. A single google search could have clarified that our millionaire officiant was Richard Garriott and our wedding was within earth’s atmosphere.

Our wedding may have sounded outlandish to some people, but I don’t think everyone – the media included – realized how just much we were engaged in a wedding space race! My dress was designed for Space Wedding, a Japanese company looking to sell low-earth orbit weddings starting in 2011. Rocketplane is taking reservations for their $250,000 flights – it looks like their webpage was redesigned recently.

Our zero gravity wedding was incredible, but you can expect quite a few more floating brides in the next three years!

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Michigan Reception Will Be September 20th, 2009


We’re having it in the Community Room at Ella Sharp Park!

We plan to show the wedding video and then, you know, have a reception. Yes, the bride and groom will be wearing the same outfits as we did on the flight.

Our friends in the greater New York City area should plan on attending our dessert reception in NYC, date to be announced.

Our photos and the raw video footage finally arrived, yay!

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Love from Fast Karate


Happy birthday today to Richard Garriott (Lord British) and also our fried Kari (who caught the bouquet in the video)! They were both born on the fourth of July.

Our podcaster friends Fast Karate for the Gentleman have a forum, where one thread is devoted to our wedding. (Thanks to SD for mentioning this.) In the thread, someone links to the song “Zero G Love” from Macross, but by far, this is the best post:

Look at it this way:

Grampa Noah: “Hey, kids, did I ever tell you about the time your grandmother and I made several timely, consecutive payments on our house?”

Grandkids: “*Sigh* Yes, Grampa Noah.”


Grampa Noah: “Hey kids, did I ever tell you about the time your grandmother and I got married?”

Grandkids: “Gee, Grampa Noah, we got things to do, and–”

Grampa Noah: “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, I WASN’T FINISHED! Did I ever tell you about the time your grandmother and I got married IN AN ANTI-GRAVITY AIRPLANE?!”

Grandkids: “NO FUCKING WAY!!”

Grampa Noah: “Watch the cussing.”

Thanks, Dreg! Also thanks to Bass_Kat for sticking up for us.

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Adult Swim Bump


Bryan's Photo of the Kiss

Our flight coach Bryan took this photo while he stood on the ceiling, and then posted it on facebook. Bryan has a bunch of other cool photos on his photography website.

This Adult Swim bump aired last Sunday night! We were also mentioned on the BBC and Good Morning America, but obviously Adult Swim makes us much more famous.

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The Deed is Done


Well, the deed is done! Early news stories and pics can be found here:

The morning show we’ll be interviewed on tomorrow has been revealed to be “The CBS Early Morning Show.” They expect to get to us between 8:00 and 8:30am. There is always the possibility that we could be pre-empted by more pressing news (in particular given the state of affairs in Iran at the moment), but we should have about a five minute segment or so.

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Cool New Site Design


This awesome new site design is my wedding gift from Sam, and her friend Joanne.

Now it’s T-15 hours or so before the ceremony! I better pack up the car and get some sleep!

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Hair and Make-up are go!

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Today I did a trial run of my wedding hair at Lambs Eat Ivy Salon in downtown Orlando. The owner was really excited by the challenge of designing hair for zero gravity!

I picked Lambs Eat Ivy based on a series of criteria – first, it was listed as one of Citisearch’s top salons in Orlando. Second, my old roommate and good friend Demi is from Florida, and she really loves Twin Peaks, and in it, there’s a scene where a character sings the song about lambs eating ivy.

The salon is super-cool, and in a really cute neighborhood of Orlando.

After a couple of trials the owner came up with a really cool style for my wedding hair. Noah also received a quick trim and some hair product, so he is looking really sharp.

My hair is now straightened, I am under strict orders not to wash it. I have a lot of curly hair, so it’s super weird to have long straight hair.

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Update from Florida

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T minus 4 days until the wedding.

Noah and I successfully made it to Orlando. Today we’re off to get a marriage license and talk to a florist.

It turns out there will be two shuttle launches while Noah and I are here! (Weather permitting.) I’ve been looking up the best places to view launches. I don’t know if we can actually make the 5:41 AM launch tomorrow, but maybe the 5:12 PM launch on Thursday…

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Rocketplane Weddings

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My space wedding dress was designed, in part, for a company offering low-earth orbit weddings on a rocketplane.  It’s a Japanese company, but the first flights in 2011 will fly out of Oklahoma, and starting in 2012, out of Hawaii.  Japan is totally obsessed with Hawaii.

Google’s translation of has some hilarious Engrish:

[Q] Is it possible to space out?
[A] is not out to space.

[Q] What is insurance?
[A] is available so that you can arrange the insurance space. For details and specific rates are not determined at this time.

[Q] Do you get off the space station?
[A] can not go overboard. I can not even get off the space station.

Below is the original Japanese text:

[ Q ] 宇宙空間へは出られますか?
[ A ] 宇宙空間へは出られません。

[ Q ] 保険はどのようになりますか?
[ A ] 宇宙保険を手配できるようご用意しています。 具体的な料率や内容につきましては、現時点では決定しておりません。

[ Q ] 宇宙ステーションに降りられますか?
[ A ] 船外に出ることはできません。宇宙ステーションにも降りられません。

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