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Hair and Make-up by Lambs Eat Ivy

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Before I left Japan, I promised the wedding dress designer that I would have my hair and make-up professionally done – I would anyway, it’s my wedding, right? But I knew with a Reuters photographer on the flight that I had to look really, really good, because my wedding photos would be seen around the world. According to Zero G’s PR guy, our wedding reached an audience of about 56.1 million people!

I did a google search for Orlando’s top salons and found Lambs Eat Ivy on Citisearch (here’s the official page). I called them up, and owner thought my wedding sounded really cool, and graciously offered to help.

fountainThe salon name is based on the song Mairzy Doats, and I called them first because I like the name. A character sings it in Twin Peaks.

The salon is in a really cool part of downtown Orlando, with cobblestone streets and neat little shops that reminded me of Ann Arbor, Michigan (cute, artsy, and cosmopolitan).

On Wednesday before the wedding I went in for “test hair”. The owner, Lisa Pirillo stayed late into the night coming up with the right hairstyle for zero gravity. In the end, she built futuristic hair with florist’s armature wire. It looked really cool, and I couldn’t be happier!

The day before the wedding I went back to get my hair straightened and talk with the make-up artist, Amelia Dray. My only request was that I didn’t want to look like Barbarella. On the day of, Amelia did a great job – and in record time! I’ve basically never looked so good in my entire life.

The hardest part about the entire wedding was that we had to be at the salon at 4:30 AM to leave for Titusville no later than 7:15 or 7:30. If we didn’t make it to the airport by 8:30 AM, the passenger manifest would be finalized by TSA and we wouldn’t be allowed on the flight!

So Noah and I got up at 3:00 AM and got to the salon at 4:15. All of the stylists were there waiting for us with coffee, and everyone was terrifically nice to us! They even fixed Noah’s hair to look better than it ever has before!

There are many people without whom Noah and I could never have managed to realize our ridiculous dream wedding. The Lambs Eat Ivy crew is at the top of the list! They really did an amazing job. How many stylists can claim that their hairstyle worked upside down and in space-like conditions?

So a big special thanks to:

Lisa Pirillo, Owner, Stylist
Amelia Dray, Makeup Artist, Stylist
Jacqo, Stylist
Brianna, Stylist

There are more photos below the cut:
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The press coverage has continued to pour in, with our story in the U.K.’s Telegraph, translated into Japanese, translated into Greek, appearing in a website for Western Australia, and on nerd news sites Kotaku and Slashdot.

Because our wedding is particularly expensive, we’re looking for sponsors. Your logo could appear in the Zero G plane (or be added to the video in post production). Below are some examples of sponsored flights with Zero G. Diet Rite soda has put decals all over the cabin in some of the images, and Norton Antivirus put one huge logo on the back of the cabin as well as putting patches on the jumpsuits of flight members.

We didn’t have a definitive wedding date for well over a year, and we couldn’t tell what kind of press coverage we might get. But now, with just over a week to go, we know the answer is rather a lot.

Please contact us at noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to talk about sponsorship or placing an advertisement with us!

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Space Food Sticks


Space Foods Sticks T-shirt

I had only heard of “Space Food Sticks” on Simpsons episode 3F31, “The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular” – one of my favorite episodes of all time.

Troy: [voiceover] Earlier this year, Homer's long-lost mother
        returned.  And so did a long-lost care package.
         [shot of Homer eating food from old care packages]
 Homer: Mmm.
Mother: Homer, please: you don't have to wolf down that 25- year-old
        candy just to make me happy.
 Homer: [pause] But it won't make you unhappy, right?  [bites]
        Hey!  Space food sticks!  Oh, I wish I had _these_ on my space
        adventure.  Did you know I was blasted into space two years ago,
Mother: Well, sure.  I read all about it.  It _was_ national news.
        [fearfully] Do you _still_ work for NASA?
 Homer: No, I work at the nuclear power plant.
Mother: Oh, Homer.
 Homer: Well, you'll be happy to know I don't work very hard.  [quietly]
        Actually, I'm bringing the plant down from the inside
         [taps nose secretively]

It turns out Space Food Sticks were real, and they’re back! Check out the retro commercials at

Noah and I found out about Space Food Sticks in a quest to find Astronaut Ice Cream for our wedding. Astronaut Ice Cream was the space snack of the 1980’s, but Space Food Sticks were popular before Noah and I were born. They went off the market in the 1970’s.

The Funky Food Shop is run by Eric Lefcowitz of the Retro Future blog. Lefcowitz is kindly sending us some Space Food Sticks and supplying the Astronaut Ice Cream for our wedding!

I’m excited about trying Space Food Sticks. I bet they taste like Power Bars or CalorieMate.

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Sadly, Noah was born without a sense of fashion.


We were at a whiskey tasting event in New Jersey with friends when we got to talking to some random gentlemen about our Zero Gravity wedding. It turned out one of our new acquaintances dresses men for a living! Noah and I explained how we had come across the wedding dress, but we really had no idea what Noah was going to wear.

Sadly, Noah was born without a sense of fashion:

Neil Machlovitz offered to help! Two weeks ago, Noah went to J. Lucas Clothiers to get fitted for a custom tuxedo.

It is not hyperbole when I say that Noah is “fashion blind”. Once, a girl walked by us wearing a tube top, with sparkles, and Noah did not notice her at all:

“Did you see that?!” I asked.
“What?” Noah said.
“That girl was wearing a tube top! I hope those things aren’t coming back into style. Were they ever really in style?”
“What’s a tube top?”
“What that girl was just wearing!”
“What girl?”

Given the option of various buttons, pocket angles and pocket depth, Noah was a bit overwhelmed. “I’ve never thought about any of that stuff,” Noah says, “I don’t have time for that flibberty flabberty floo.”

We are talking about a man who nothing but blue dress shirts and khaki pants to work for an entire year. One of his coworkers swore she would die if he came in with a different color shirt, so I got him a red shirt for Christmas. After New Years that coworker didn’t live up to her promise and instead complimented Noah.

I hope that J. Lucas Clothiers can make my hardcore nerd of a husband look cool!

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What’s it like to ride the Zero G plane?

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In this 22 minute video, you get to see the guys on the Norton Antivirus-sponsored flight. A lot of the camera angle is up a guy’s nose, which is unfortunate, and for the first parabola things go a bit weird, but then it picks up.

Note that this video has been viewed 17,401 times since September 2008. That’s not quite as many as the 9,123,974 views of the original Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance at a wedding, but it is some serious eyeshare.

An old coworker told me last week that he thinks the Zero G flight is a perfect metaphor for marriage: Sometimes you feel like you’re floating, and it’s wonderful, and other times you’re slammed to the ground and 1.8 times Earth’s gravity.

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Rings from Space!

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Today Noah and I went to look at wedding rings… FROM SPACE.

His and Hers

His and Hers...?

The rings we looked at are by Chris Ploof. You can get them from several places in the U.S. and Canada. We spoke with Chris Ploof on the phone, and he has also been on the Zero G plane!

According to Ploof’s website, “The metal of the meteorite is estimated to be about four billion years old…” !!! That’s even older than my 5th century engagement ring.

I haven’t had to make a lot of hard choices for this wedding so far – after all, there is only one wedding dress in the world appropriate for space travel, and I have it. These rings are clearly appropriate for our space wedding, so we only had to narrow our choices down from Ploof’s designs.

It’s worth noting that for Noah’s 30th birthday my friends pooled their money to get Noah meteorite dice.

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