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Adult Swim Bump


Bryan's Photo of the Kiss

Our flight coach Bryan took this photo while he stood on the ceiling, and then posted it on facebook. Bryan has a bunch of other cool photos on his photography website.

This Adult Swim bump aired last Sunday night! We were also mentioned on the BBC and Good Morning America, but obviously Adult Swim makes us much more famous.

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Bucketful of Press


A lot of the press seems to be getting a couple things wrong – Noah’s last name “Fulmor” has no “e” in it, for example. I didn’t wear “pants under the dress,” rather, pants were part of the design. The pants are the dress. We didn’t go to Disney World for our official honeymoon, I just wanted to go to Disney World. Next year we’ll go to Antarctica for our honeymoon. One news source (in Britain) also thinks the ceremony cost just $16,000 – I have no idea where they got that number, since it was more like $60,000.

ZERO-G News Brief

Weightless Wedding Coverage
June 22, 2009

The ZERO-G Weightless Wedding has generated an unbelievable amount of TV, print, radio and online coverage throughout the country and has even reached the UK, China, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. At this point, the wedding has been covered in nearly 300 television segments and more than 200 articles and blogs.

In addition to the TV exclusive coordinated with CBS The Early Show (which ran this morning across the entire CBS network), the wedding also has been covered nationally on Fox and Friends, CBS Evening News, Associated Press TV, on national Canadian programs CBC News World Today, CTV News Canada National and Global Toronto, the national UK program Sky News – UK, and top-tier regional networks such as KTLA (Los Angeles) and WFLD FOX (Chicago), among many others. We expect additional pick-up through AP and CBS throughout the evening.

As for online coverage, the story was featured on the front page of Yahoo! News, The New York Daily News, USA Today, The Today Show, ABC News and was featured as MSNBC’s top space story. Photos of the flight were feature on The New York Post’s “Day in Photos” and on The Insider.

CBS The Early Show
AP Broadcast

Fox National – Fox & Friends
CBS Evening News
KTLA Los Angeles
Sky News – UK
Fox Seattle

ABC Jacksonville
Fox Chicago
Fox Tampa Bay
Global Toronto
CBC News World Today
CTV News Canada National
WHAM Rochester, New York



ABC Affiliates

WTAE (Pittsburgh, PA), KTVX (Salt Lake City, UT), KRHD (Waco, TX), KXXV (Temple-Bryan, TX), KEZI (Eugene, OR), WZZM (Grand Rapids, MI), WVEC (Norfolk, VA), WMAR (Baltimore, MD)

FOX Affiliates

KOKI (Tulsa, OK), WACH (Columbia, SC), WTGS (Savannah, GA), WDAF (Kansas City, MO)

CBS Affiliates

KRQE (Albuquerque, NM)

Other National/ International

WSBS (Miami, FL), New England Cable News (Boston, MA), NewsNet-TV (Canada)

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More video from the news!


CNN Video - right click to download
CNN Video – right click to download

CBC Video - right click to download
CBC Video – right click to download

If these links don’t work let me know, and I’ll fix it.

I forgot to mention Lambs Eat Ivy Salon in the CBS interview, but it was really, really short and weird and at 7:15 AM on Monday. I’ll do a whole post about the hair salon later.

I was also supposed to give a shout out to the 057 club, who were instrumental in decorating the bouquet. When I get higher resolution video and photos, hopefully you’ll be able to see the crystals attached on monofilament strings. The bouquet was put together by Jennifer Nicolosi at A Downtown Florist and Wedding Shop.

We have a long, long list of thank you notes to write. There are a lot of people without whom this ceremony would not have been possible!

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The CBS Video!


(I think you have to sit through a commercial first.)

We’ve also started a Twitter topic, #SPACEWEDDING.

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CBS time now earlier


CBS has pushed up our interview to between 7 and 8 AM.

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The Deed is Done


Well, the deed is done! Early news stories and pics can be found here:

The morning show we’ll be interviewed on tomorrow has been revealed to be “The CBS Early Morning Show.” They expect to get to us between 8:00 and 8:30am. There is always the possibility that we could be pre-empted by more pressing news (in particular given the state of affairs in Iran at the moment), but we should have about a five minute segment or so.

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Cool New Site Design


This awesome new site design is my wedding gift from Sam, and her friend Joanne.

Now it’s T-15 hours or so before the ceremony! I better pack up the car and get some sleep!

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Etsy Earrings!

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I’m not someone who usually wears jewelery, and it occurred to me that I didn’t have any earrings to wear with my dress.

I commissioned a pair of zero gravity earrings using’s Alchemy function., for those not in-the-know is an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade items. I’m a big fan of the site, and a lot of my friends have their own Etsy shops, including Kari, who’s going on the zero gravity flight with us.

Two Etsy jewelry makers made really attractive bids, so I commissioned Tesoro Bella Jewelry to make my earrings, and Treasuresheart to make earrings for my bridesmaids and my mom.

Here’s a picture of my earrings and bracelet!

Treasureheart’s earrings arrived in the mail today! They are totally sweet.

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Hair and Make-up are go!

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Today I did a trial run of my wedding hair at Lambs Eat Ivy Salon in downtown Orlando. The owner was really excited by the challenge of designing hair for zero gravity!

I picked Lambs Eat Ivy based on a series of criteria – first, it was listed as one of Citisearch’s top salons in Orlando. Second, my old roommate and good friend Demi is from Florida, and she really loves Twin Peaks, and in it, there’s a scene where a character sings the song about lambs eating ivy.

The salon is super-cool, and in a really cute neighborhood of Orlando.

After a couple of trials the owner came up with a really cool style for my wedding hair. Noah also received a quick trim and some hair product, so he is looking really sharp.

My hair is now straightened, I am under strict orders not to wash it. I have a lot of curly hair, so it’s super weird to have long straight hair.

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Update from Florida

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T minus 4 days until the wedding.

Noah and I successfully made it to Orlando. Today we’re off to get a marriage license and talk to a florist.

It turns out there will be two shuttle launches while Noah and I are here! (Weather permitting.) I’ve been looking up the best places to view launches. I don’t know if we can actually make the 5:41 AM launch tomorrow, but maybe the 5:12 PM launch on Thursday…

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