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We’re one of the Biggest Wedding Moments of 2009

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…according to – that is to say, Australia. They put us on their Biggest Wedding Moments of 2009 list.

This morning the Brian Lehrer radio show on WNYC tried to put a positive spin on the decade. Because the 2000’s are framed by 9/11 and a Great Recession with Hurricane Katrina somewhere in the middle, it seems pretty bleak. Lehrer’s call-in show featured listeners talking about what went right on a personal level, and on a world level.

The 2000’s represent not just one third of my life, but the BEST third. I met Noah in 2000, and we started dating in 2002, living together in 2003, and got engaged in 2008 and married in 2009.

Also during this decade, different cities started competing to be Spaceports. In 2001, the first ever space tourist visited the International Space Station, followed by seven more people this decade, including our officiant Richard Garriott in 2008. It’s exciting! Here’s a list of private spaceflight companies.

The Zero G Corporation started offering weightless flights to the public in 2004. My wedding dress was designed in 2006, here’s a New York Times article about it.

Lots of great stuff happened this decade!

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