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Sticky: Welcome to our Wedding Website

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This blog entry will stay on top for newcomers to the site.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Videos can be found here. The registry is linked to here. My collection of photos is here, and I also have a flickr group pool for photos here (if you use flickr and want to join it, let me know). There are more photos on Snapfish, but you have to log in to see them. For more information, including press inquiries, please email noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com.

Photos from the Michigan reception can be found here.

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First Anniversary!


Noah and I celebrated our first anniversary last weekend! We saw a Broadway show (Fela) and had dinner at the famous Peter Luger’s, which is like two blocks from our apartment. Fela was really something else, and the steaks at Peter Luger’s were essentially a hunk of cow. Mostly the restaurant was filled with amusing local characters with authentic Brooklyn accents.

After dinner, Noah surprised me with the traditional first anniversary gift, Paper. That is to say, The Paper:

"The Paper"

“Don’t expect this to continue,” Noah said. He doesn’t think he can keep finding anime characters to keep up with this theme.

Meanwhile, I’ve been compiling press clippings for a big photo album. I finally got around to scanning this article from a German magazine. The reporter was really nice, and interviewed us over Skype. The magazine finds the story behind the news, so we had a really long interview for the story:

Der Spiegal Article

Der Spiegal Article

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