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Our Wedding Mentioned in Olivia Munn’s Autobiography

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A friend was reading Olivia Munn’s new autobiography Suck It, Wonder Woman! and spotted a reference to our wedding. Munn is some sort of geek queen although I admit I hadn’t heard of her before. The wedding reference is in a geek history time line, not under 2009 when it took place, but rather, under 1961, the year of Richard Garriott’s birth. Munn gives a quick bio of Garriott, ending with his officiating our wedding. She doesn’t mention my name or Noah’s. The blurb ends with a quick “All hail the geek pope!”

I’d like a scan of this page to include in my portfolio of press, if anyone happens to by this book. (The scan needs to be 300 dpi.) My friend was reading a library copy.

Olivia Munns Book

Olivia Munn's Book

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