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We Made the Guinness Book!

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One of Noah’s coworker’s kid’s pointed out while we were in Japan that our wedding made the Guinness Book of World Records 2011! We had applied to be in Guinness, but we never heard back from them, so we were totally surprised! We were in Japan when we found out, so we rushed out and found a copy of the book to give to our wedding dress designer, Eri Matsui.

Ms. Matsui hadn’t met Noah before, so we chatted in the dress shop. Noah expressed interest in meeting someone from JAXA, so they called and a representative was nice enough to come and meet us an hour later! He gave us Hello Kitty astronaut phone straps and green tea made to be brewed in space (or maybe it’s the opposite – green tea made for optimum brewing thanks to space technology).

Weight Watchers Magazine Dec 2010

I’ve been meaning to post about it for some time, but I appeared in the December issue of Weight Watchers magazine as a “Success Story”. A photo from our wedding appears in it, and I talk about the wedding as it related to my weight loss story. Basically, I lost 50 pounds using Weight Watchers over several years. Although the story is written as an essay in the first person, my interview was heavily edited. As such, the chronology of my story is exactly backwards. I also wasn’t happy that they straightened my hair!

Nevertheless, you can probably still find the magazine at Weight Watchers centers.

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