Rough Wedding Storyboard


How, exactly, is this going to work?

Because I work in animation, I know the power of storyboarding!

Please note: I’m not applying for any storyboard jobs anytime soon. I’m more of a production person. A production coordinator, to be exact. If anyone would care to re-draw my thumbnail board above, I can offer one free brunch in New York City at a restaurant of your choosing.

Our guests are not shown in this storyboard, but they will be featured in the final video – particularly if they happen to be wearing flight suits with our sponsors’ logos. I don’t mean that we have sponsors yet, I mean potential sponsors. Email us at noahanderin(at) for sponsorship opportunities.

We will reveal our “secret celebrity officiant” at our press conference on May 27th (more details coming soon).

Also, the first three parabolas are performed at different velocities; one at martian gravity and two at lunar gravity. The Zero G Corporation advised us not to do part of the ceremony during the first three parabolas, but instead to let everyone get accustomed to the experience.


3 Responses to “Rough Wedding Storyboard”
  1. Kari Says:

    That storyboard is adorable, hope it goes just that way. Also, what are the odds looking like for bouquet catching for a lady guest on board? 1 in 3?

  2. erin Says:

    There should be Vegas odds on that!

  3. noah Says: