Early Press!


The press event was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who showed up, and special thanks to Kush for letting us host the event.

Thanks to our media campaign (thanks to Kari and Phil!) there are already some news stories:

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: ‘Let’s Get Married — In Space!’ by Caitlin McNamara. We made the front page of this paper – above the fold! Thanks to Matt Y. for picking me up a physical copy.

On Space.com: First Weightless Wedding Planned By Clara Moskowitz

Martha Stewart Blogs “To Infinity and Beyond…” by Shira Savada, Real Weddings Editor

Our favorite headline so far: “Lovebirds to Get Married in Zero G, Puke on Each Other” by Michael Reilly in the Discovery Channel blogs.

Weightless Wedding blurb on Personal Spaceflight posted by Jeff Foust

Couple to enjoy zero-gravity nuptials on OneWed.com

Japanese designer’s wedding dress to become first used in zero gravity from Japan Today (a lot of comments about my underwear on this one)

First weightless wedding planned above Space Coast By Clara Moskowitz on FloridaToday.com (the same as the space.com story)

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3 Responses to “Early Press!”
  1. Derek Says:

    I noticed one of the writers thinks Noah’s last name is “Anderin” I don’t think they understood why the email address was “noahanderin…” O_o

  2. erin Says:

    I think Noah should go ahead and change his last name to “Anderin”.

  3. James V Says:

    I’ll have to unfortunately take credit for the Japan Today one…