Update from Florida

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T minus 4 days until the wedding.

Noah and I successfully made it to Orlando. Today we’re off to get a marriage license and talk to a florist.

It turns out there will be two shuttle launches while Noah and I are here! (Weather permitting.) I’ve been looking up the best places to view launches. I don’t know if we can actually make the 5:41 AM launch tomorrow, but maybe the 5:12 PM launch on Thursday…


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  1. Amy Megan West Says:

    Hello, Congradulations

    I am an astrologer and my website/blog goes live on the 25th. I would love to
    write a little piece on you and am wondering if I may have the Time of the wedding.
    So I may chart the wedding and promise to find a special gift in the chart for the happy couple.

    I will provide a link back to this site.