Cool New Site Design


This awesome new site design is my wedding gift from Sam, and her friend Joanne.

Now it’s T-15 hours or so before the ceremony! I better pack up the car and get some sleep!


4 Responses to “Cool New Site Design”
  1. Katharine Fulmor Says:

    Just a note to wish you all the best. When you are back on land,
    come visit Nyack. We’d love to see you Noah, and meet you, Erin.
    I’d also love to hear the story first hand.
    Hope this gets through,
    Aunt Katharine

  2. Tasayu T. Says:

    Congrats on the wedding!

  3. Ken Says:

    Hi guys, let me first say congratulations.
    I operate a dating and socializing site for space enthusiasts and wanted to see if you would like to exhange links/banners?

  4. David Henson Says:

    I have flown on the Zero G aircraft so i know you had a great flight. I am looking forward to seeing pictures and video from the flight.

    A Kennedy Space center engineer (for 39 years…)