CBS time now earlier


CBS has pushed up our interview to between 7 and 8 AM.


4 Responses to “CBS time now earlier”
  1. Nastasia Says:

    Hello, I was just watching your interview and I love your idea! I am only 15 years old so I really don’t need to think about marriage, but if I could/will I would do anything to do it in space. I’ve always wanted to just be in zero gravity just wondering what it felt like, “swimming in air” is my guess. But getting married there never popped in my mind.


  2. Patricia Finnegan Says:

    Noah and Erin,
    Congrads to both of you. It has been a joy to view the emails and pictures of the big event. See you in September.

  3. Jennifer (Downtown Florist) Says:

    Hey guys!

    Congratulations! I hope you guys will enjoy each other forever!

    Jennifer from A Downtown Florist

  4. Tasayu T. Says:

    Great show! I think one of us TiVoed it!