Michigan Reception Will Be September 20th, 2009


We’re having it in the Community Room at Ella Sharp Park!

We plan to show the wedding video and then, you know, have a reception. Yes, the bride and groom will be wearing the same outfits as we did on the flight.

Our friends in the greater New York City area should plan on attending our dessert reception in NYC, date to be announced.

Our photos and the raw video footage finally arrived, yay!

3 Responses to “Michigan Reception Will Be September 20th, 2009”
  1. Kari Says:

    Does that mean the Michigan winner will come to NYC to defend her Bridesmaid Battle title?

  2. erin Says:

    Oh, good point! I haven’t decided yet.

  3. peggy Says:

    Hi Noah and Erin,
    We look forward to the reception and seeing the video.
    Meanwhile, hope the “ups and downs” of married life are small downs and big
    ups…Keep smiling, laugh more and love forever. Aunt Peggy