Wedding Space Race

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Check out this photo of the inside of Branson’s ship:

WhiteKnight2 Takes Oshkosh

Doesn’t it look like the inside of the TARDIS?

Richard Branson said in 2008 that he would marry a couple in space.

It looks like “SpaceShipTwo” might start running some flights later this year, attached this plane, VMS Eve:


I wonder if Branson will beat Cindy Cashman’s space vehicle? Ms. Cashman plans to get marred in 2010 in space.

At once point a tabloid-like British blog mistakenly thought Branson had married Noah and I. A single google search could have clarified that our millionaire officiant was Richard Garriott and our wedding was within earth’s atmosphere.

Our wedding may have sounded outlandish to some people, but I don’t think everyone – the media included – realized how just much we were engaged in a wedding space race! My dress was designed for Space Wedding, a Japanese company looking to sell low-earth orbit weddings starting in 2011. Rocketplane is taking reservations for their $250,000 flights – it looks like their webpage was redesigned recently.

Our zero gravity wedding was incredible, but you can expect quite a few more floating brides in the next three years!

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