How much does it cost?

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I had always assumed it was crass to talk about the cost of one’s wedding, but because we’re getting married on the zero gravity plane, the cost seems to be the second thing people ask about, right after saying, “Zero gravity? How does that work?” – a question I will answer in a subsequent post as we build our FAQ.

Tickets on the zero gravity plane, information you could easily find at, cost:

$5,400 per person

The website says $5,200, but this is after tax. Noah and I need to pay for our tickets, and our officiant, a camera person, and some witnesses.

After talking with Zero G for several months, they came to the conclusion we would have to rent a whole section of the plane if we wanted to do a marriage ceremony (apparently there are three sections which can be closed off). A section is twelve seats, and we need to fill all twelve (or pay for them, at least).

Fortunately, another couple is planning on getting married on the same flight. They’re from Vancouver, and I’m sure I’ll talk about them more later. We decided to pool our resources and split the tickets. It’s possible Noah and I only need to buy six tickets.

However, if the Vancouver couple can’t fill enough seats or come up with their half of the money, we have to fill all twelve seats. So the total cost is:

From $32,400 to $64,800

So that’s the equivalent of one two years at NYU, or a couple of new cars. The average New York City wedding costs about $19,888 and $33,147 according to (Strangely it’s more expensive in the Michigan town where I’m from: $22,489 and $37,481.) Granted, the average cost includes the reception and rings and everything, and I’m only talking about the ceremony.

Originally, we were hoping to find sponsors. After one year of not making any progress on that front, we knew that if this was going to happen, we would have to foot most of the bill ourselves. We’re still hopeful that our officiant and/or cameraperson can pay some or all of their own ticket, but even sending a single cameraman was beyond the budget of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway.

Even though it seemed impossible, Noah found a way to pay for the tickets… but we would still love to find some sponsors. If you’re reading this and have a business you’d like to promote either in zero gravity or in the credits of our wedding video, which will surely be seen by millions of people on the internet, please get in touch by emailing

Our guest list is not final, but a rough list might look something like this:

1. Aza (Vancouver Groom)
2. Mel (Vancouver Bride)
3. Noah (groom)
4. Erin (me)
5. Officiant (An astronaut?)
6. Vancouver camera person
7. Our camera person
8. Vancouver wedding guest 1 (wedding guests can act as witnesses)
9. Vancouver wedding guest 2
10. Our wedding guest 1
11. Our wedding guest 2
12. Spare slot if one of us has an extra guest, we end up getting a fashion photographer, etc.

Is anyone interested in knowing how much the dress cost? Because I’ll tell you, I just assumed it was rude to talk about it.

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  1. sara Says:

    i realize that this was published a couple of months ago, so you may have already answered the question, but i’m late to the party (as usual!). i AM interested in knowing the cost of the dress if you’re comfortable sharing. although i have already gotten married, things like this fascinate me. i am completely out of the loop as far as wedding costs go, though, because i am a spoiled girl *sigh* and my parents would not allow me access to numbers. (you can smack me now!)

    this is so exciting! i’m really glad that i stumbled on your site before the big day. i feel all excited with anticipation. i hope that doesn’t make me sound like a wacko. 😀