First Anniversary!


Noah and I celebrated our first anniversary last weekend! We saw a Broadway show (Fela) and had dinner at the famous Peter Luger’s, which is like two blocks from our apartment. Fela was really something else, and the steaks at Peter Luger’s were essentially a hunk of cow. Mostly the restaurant was filled with amusing local characters with authentic Brooklyn accents.

After dinner, Noah surprised me with the traditional first anniversary gift, Paper. That is to say, The Paper:

"The Paper"

“Don’t expect this to continue,” Noah said. He doesn’t think he can keep finding anime characters to keep up with this theme.

Meanwhile, I’ve been compiling press clippings for a big photo album. I finally got around to scanning this article from a German magazine. The reporter was really nice, and interviewed us over Skype. The magazine finds the story behind the news, so we had a really long interview for the story:

Der Spiegal Article

Der Spiegal Article


3 Responses to “First Anniversary!”
  1. Euralis Says:


  2. Eugene Says:

    Congratulations! What an awesome present.

  3. Elizabeth (Meye) Fisher Says:

    Dear Erin and Noah,

    I don’t know if you remember me, Erin, but we were good friends in the second grade at HH. I always remember that you were my “My Little Pony Buddy”. I still have “Slugger”, which you gave me for one of my birthdays (and incidentally, was the best gift I ever got — when measuring contemporaneously with desirability, that is).

    Congratulations! It was so neat to see video clips of your wedding. I found them as I was just thinking of you and did a Google search. What a neat and memorable way to get married!

    Anyway, I wish you every happiness with many happy returns of your anniversary. I know this is a bit late, but since you have a website, I thought I would leave a note.

    Always the best,
    Elizabeth (Meye) Fisher