Our New York Anniversary Party

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Our invitations have gone out for our New York “Reception” which has been downgraded to more or less a party on June 25th. Email us at noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com if you think your invitation has gone missing.

Our event is three tiered:

1. 6pm: A dinner for VIPs only, mostly people who went on the flight with us and close relatives.

2. 8pm: Dessert and cocktails for almost everyone, a showing of the wedding video. (No dancing.)

3. 10pm: Dancing (and more dessert) at another venue, and more videos.

We’re maxing out the space of each venue, so it was necessary to divide the invitations up a bit. Some guests are invited to all three parts. A few people we couldn’t squeeze but wanted to include in are just invited to the dance.

I also regret that we couldn’t afford to feed everyone dinner. Hopefully by starting late, we’ve given enough time for everyone to eat dinner elsewhere. Also with all the money we’ve saved on food, we can afford better desserts and drinks!

Please look forward to it!

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