Rocketplane Weddings

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My space wedding dress was designed, in part, for a company offering low-earth orbit weddings on a rocketplane.  It’s a Japanese company, but the first flights in 2011 will fly out of Oklahoma, and starting in 2012, out of Hawaii.  Japan is totally obsessed with Hawaii.

Google’s translation of has some hilarious Engrish:

[Q] Is it possible to space out?
[A] is not out to space.

[Q] What is insurance?
[A] is available so that you can arrange the insurance space. For details and specific rates are not determined at this time.

[Q] Do you get off the space station?
[A] can not go overboard. I can not even get off the space station.

Below is the original Japanese text:

[ Q ] 宇宙空間へは出られますか?
[ A ] 宇宙空間へは出られません。

[ Q ] 保険はどのようになりますか?
[ A ] 宇宙保険を手配できるようご用意しています。 具体的な料率や内容につきましては、現時点では決定しておりません。

[ Q ] 宇宙ステーションに降りられますか?
[ A ] 船外に出ることはできません。宇宙ステーションにも降りられません。


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