Poll: Mom gets to pick one obnoxious group wedding dance


The Chicken Dance



It’s sweeping the nation:

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Finding a DJ

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The bulk of the Michigan reception planning has fallen to my mother, who is somehow managing everything and getting a Doctorate and being Dean of a college all at the same time.

I have taken it upon myself to hire the DJ. I went to a lot of Michigan weddings as a kid, and the DJ was often pretty lame. One or two weddings I attended had DJs with hair leftover from the 1980’s who were sure to play “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang and “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night, along with two Michigan standards – the YMCA and the Chicken Dance (check out the link for a Lawrence Welk lesson if you’re not familiar).

I told my mom she can request either the YMCA or the Chicken Dance but not both. This never happens at NYC weddings. I also hoped to avoid the Michigan “Dollar Dance” tradition, but frankly, I need the money. In Michigan the money is collected into little bags and not pinned to the couple, thankfully. I think it’s a Polish tradition but my only source on this is the 1978 movie The Deer Hunter.

Here’s a tip for Michigan DJs: Update your webpages! It’s not 1998 anymore! I’m avoiding at least one company based on a really lame animated gif.

Fortunately, there is hope! This DJ sounds really fun, is highly recommended on bridal websites, and has a webpage from this decade.

I’m really picky about music, and I have a long playlist of songs about space I want played during the reception.

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Wedding Space Race

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Check out this photo of the inside of Branson’s ship:

WhiteKnight2 Takes Oshkosh

Doesn’t it look like the inside of the TARDIS?

Richard Branson said in 2008 that he would marry a couple in space.

It looks like “SpaceShipTwo” might start running some flights later this year, attached this plane, VMS Eve:


I wonder if Branson will beat Cindy Cashman’s space vehicle? Ms. Cashman plans to get marred in 2010 in space.

At once point a tabloid-like British blog mistakenly thought Branson had married Noah and I. A single google search could have clarified that our millionaire officiant was Richard Garriott and our wedding was within earth’s atmosphere.

Our wedding may have sounded outlandish to some people, but I don’t think everyone – the media included – realized how just much we were engaged in a wedding space race! My dress was designed for Space Wedding, a Japanese company looking to sell low-earth orbit weddings starting in 2011. Rocketplane is taking reservations for their $250,000 flights – it looks like their webpage was redesigned recently.

Our zero gravity wedding was incredible, but you can expect quite a few more floating brides in the next three years!

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Michigan Reception Will Be September 20th, 2009


We’re having it in the Community Room at Ella Sharp Park!

We plan to show the wedding video and then, you know, have a reception. Yes, the bride and groom will be wearing the same outfits as we did on the flight.

Our friends in the greater New York City area should plan on attending our dessert reception in NYC, date to be announced.

Our photos and the raw video footage finally arrived, yay!

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Hair and Make-up by Lambs Eat Ivy

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Before I left Japan, I promised the wedding dress designer that I would have my hair and make-up professionally done – I would anyway, it’s my wedding, right? But I knew with a Reuters photographer on the flight that I had to look really, really good, because my wedding photos would be seen around the world. According to Zero G’s PR guy, our wedding reached an audience of about 56.1 million people!

I did a google search for Orlando’s top salons and found Lambs Eat Ivy on Citisearch (here’s the official page). I called them up, and owner thought my wedding sounded really cool, and graciously offered to help.

fountainThe salon name is based on the song Mairzy Doats, and I called them first because I like the name. A character sings it in Twin Peaks.

The salon is in a really cool part of downtown Orlando, with cobblestone streets and neat little shops that reminded me of Ann Arbor, Michigan (cute, artsy, and cosmopolitan).

On Wednesday before the wedding I went in for “test hair”. The owner, Lisa Pirillo stayed late into the night coming up with the right hairstyle for zero gravity. In the end, she built futuristic hair with florist’s armature wire. It looked really cool, and I couldn’t be happier!

The day before the wedding I went back to get my hair straightened and talk with the make-up artist, Amelia Dray. My only request was that I didn’t want to look like Barbarella. On the day of, Amelia did a great job – and in record time! I’ve basically never looked so good in my entire life.

The hardest part about the entire wedding was that we had to be at the salon at 4:30 AM to leave for Titusville no later than 7:15 or 7:30. If we didn’t make it to the airport by 8:30 AM, the passenger manifest would be finalized by TSA and we wouldn’t be allowed on the flight!

So Noah and I got up at 3:00 AM and got to the salon at 4:15. All of the stylists were there waiting for us with coffee, and everyone was terrifically nice to us! They even fixed Noah’s hair to look better than it ever has before!

There are many people without whom Noah and I could never have managed to realize our ridiculous dream wedding. The Lambs Eat Ivy crew is at the top of the list! They really did an amazing job. How many stylists can claim that their hairstyle worked upside down and in space-like conditions?

So a big special thanks to:

Lisa Pirillo, Owner, Stylist
Amelia Dray, Makeup Artist, Stylist
Jacqo, Stylist
Brianna, Stylist

There are more photos below the cut:
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Love from Fast Karate


Happy birthday today to Richard Garriott (Lord British) and also our fried Kari (who caught the bouquet in the video)! They were both born on the fourth of July.

Our podcaster friends Fast Karate for the Gentleman have a forum, where one thread is devoted to our wedding. (Thanks to SD for mentioning this.) In the thread, someone links to the song “Zero G Love” from Macross, but by far, this is the best post:

Look at it this way:

Grampa Noah: “Hey, kids, did I ever tell you about the time your grandmother and I made several timely, consecutive payments on our house?”

Grandkids: “*Sigh* Yes, Grampa Noah.”


Grampa Noah: “Hey kids, did I ever tell you about the time your grandmother and I got married?”

Grandkids: “Gee, Grampa Noah, we got things to do, and–”

Grampa Noah: “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, I WASN’T FINISHED! Did I ever tell you about the time your grandmother and I got married IN AN ANTI-GRAVITY AIRPLANE?!”

Grandkids: “NO FUCKING WAY!!”

Grampa Noah: “Watch the cussing.”

Thanks, Dreg! Also thanks to Bass_Kat for sticking up for us.

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Adult Swim Bump


Bryan's Photo of the Kiss

Our flight coach Bryan took this photo while he stood on the ceiling, and then posted it on facebook. Bryan has a bunch of other cool photos on his photography website.

This Adult Swim bump aired last Sunday night! We were also mentioned on the BBC and Good Morning America, but obviously Adult Swim makes us much more famous.

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Bucketful of Press


A lot of the press seems to be getting a couple things wrong – Noah’s last name “Fulmor” has no “e” in it, for example. I didn’t wear “pants under the dress,” rather, pants were part of the design. The pants are the dress. We didn’t go to Disney World for our official honeymoon, I just wanted to go to Disney World. Next year we’ll go to Antarctica for our honeymoon. One news source (in Britain) also thinks the ceremony cost just $16,000 – I have no idea where they got that number, since it was more like $60,000.

ZERO-G News Brief

Weightless Wedding Coverage
June 22, 2009

The ZERO-G Weightless Wedding has generated an unbelievable amount of TV, print, radio and online coverage throughout the country and has even reached the UK, China, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. At this point, the wedding has been covered in nearly 300 television segments and more than 200 articles and blogs.

In addition to the TV exclusive coordinated with CBS The Early Show (which ran this morning across the entire CBS network), the wedding also has been covered nationally on Fox and Friends, CBS Evening News, Associated Press TV, on national Canadian programs CBC News World Today, CTV News Canada National and Global Toronto, the national UK program Sky News – UK, and top-tier regional networks such as KTLA (Los Angeles) and WFLD FOX (Chicago), among many others. We expect additional pick-up through AP and CBS throughout the evening.

As for online coverage, the story was featured on the front page of Yahoo! News, The New York Daily News, USA Today, The Today Show, ABC News and was featured as MSNBC’s top space story. Photos of the flight were feature on The New York Post’s “Day in Photos” and on The Insider.

CBS The Early Show
AP Broadcast

Fox National – Fox & Friends
CBS Evening News
KTLA Los Angeles
Sky News – UK
Fox Seattle

ABC Jacksonville
Fox Chicago
Fox Tampa Bay
Global Toronto
CBC News World Today
CTV News Canada National
WHAM Rochester, New York



ABC Affiliates

WTAE (Pittsburgh, PA), KTVX (Salt Lake City, UT), KRHD (Waco, TX), KXXV (Temple-Bryan, TX), KEZI (Eugene, OR), WZZM (Grand Rapids, MI), WVEC (Norfolk, VA), WMAR (Baltimore, MD)

FOX Affiliates

KOKI (Tulsa, OK), WACH (Columbia, SC), WTGS (Savannah, GA), WDAF (Kansas City, MO)

CBS Affiliates

KRQE (Albuquerque, NM)

Other National/ International

WSBS (Miami, FL), New England Cable News (Boston, MA), NewsNet-TV (Canada)

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More video from the news!


CNN Video - right click to download
CNN Video – right click to download

CBC Video - right click to download
CBC Video – right click to download

If these links don’t work let me know, and I’ll fix it.

I forgot to mention Lambs Eat Ivy Salon in the CBS interview, but it was really, really short and weird and at 7:15 AM on Monday. I’ll do a whole post about the hair salon later.

I was also supposed to give a shout out to the 057 club, who were instrumental in decorating the bouquet. When I get higher resolution video and photos, hopefully you’ll be able to see the crystals attached on monofilament strings. The bouquet was put together by Jennifer Nicolosi at A Downtown Florist and Wedding Shop.

We have a long, long list of thank you notes to write. There are a lot of people without whom this ceremony would not have been possible!

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The CBS Video!


(I think you have to sit through a commercial first.)

We’ve also started a Twitter topic, #SPACEWEDDING.

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