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Sudden Change of Date, Location

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The hardest part of planning our wedding so far has been not having a date. We’ve been in talks with the Zero G company since the beginning of the year, and at first, it seemed like they might do a flight out of New York later this year. That fell through, and then we were going to buy tickets for an unannounced flight out of Boston on June 13th.

Today the Boston flight fell through, so now it looks like we’re getting married on June 20th in Cape Canaveral, Florida. That was one of our possible locations before I went to Japan, so it’s not totally unexpected. It is troublesome, because Boston is a $30 bus ride from New York City, whereas Florida is a $200+ flight, and we have to rent a car, and so forth.

The number one question people ask when you tell them you’re engaged is “So when is the wedding?” followed up by “Where?”

My wedding is unusual in many ways, but with just two months to go, I still don’t have a definite date or location. I thought we were buying the Zero G tickets yesterday, for sure, but our purchase still hasn’t happened yet. My dad has been asking me when the zero gravity flight will take place for over a year, and I still don’t have a definite answer.

Here are some pictures of the final dress, although very small:

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Registries Added, and a Dress Preview

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My mom keeps asking for pictures of the dress, so here is a sneak preview!

Today I added a bunch of registry information to the site. Noah and I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with no counterspace and exactly one cupboard, so instead of physical gifts, we would much prefer if you bought shares in our honeymoon or our ceremony using Honeyfund, or more contributed more directly via paypal.

If you’re more traditional and prefer to give us physical gifts, today I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, (I need how many place settings?!), and I will be adding to my Amazon gift registry until all the receptions are complete. Apparently the Bed Bath and Beyond registry will be open for two years from the date of the ceremony. My regular amazon wishlist is here, but that’s not the same as the gift registry.

The absolute best gift we could hope to get at this point is an addition to our wedding party. If you’re reading this, and you’re available the weekend of June 13th and can be in Boston and pay for at least half of the cost of a ticket on the zero gravity plane, by all means, it would be an honor and a pleasure if you could join us. Email us at noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com.

This image below is of one of the dress makers working on the rough dress. There are more images of the rough dress here, it’s not made with the final material.

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The Story of the Dress

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The dress is fabulous.

To start from the very beginning – even before Noah and I got engaged we were talking about getting married “in space”.  Friends sent links to various blog stories about “The world’s first zero gravity dress” – which was designed by Japanese haute couture designer Eri Matsui for a company called  The company will start launching couples into a low-earth orbit in 2011 for just 2.2 million.

When Noah and I decided to get married in zero gravity, I immediately thought of the zero gravity dress.  Was it expensive beyond our reach?  I had a friend in Japan (who was an exchange student at my high school, and who Noah and I stayed with in Japan in our 2007 trip) call up the Eri Matsui store and ask.
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