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Sticky: Welcome to our Wedding Website

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This blog entry will stay on top for newcomers to the site.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Videos can be found here. The registry is linked to here. My collection of photos is here, and I also have a flickr group pool for photos here (if you use flickr and want to join it, let me know). There are more photos on Snapfish, but you have to log in to see them. For more information, including press inquiries, please email noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com.

Photos from the Michigan reception can be found here.

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Final Crew Manifest


T minus six days and counting to the wedding! My Bed Bath and Beyond registry still lists the wrong date, so at least one friend thought our wedding was the 13th – it’s not, it’s the 20th!

Our rings arrived and Noah’s tux is done. It is really sharp, I can’t wait to see him wear it!

Two bridal showers, one bachelor party and one bachelorette party later, the crew manifest has changed and is final:

On the Plane 6/10/2009
1. Noah (groom)
2. Erin (me)
3. Officiant Richard Garriott / Lord British
4. Our (video) camera person through Zero G Corp
5. Our still Photographer TBD through Zero G Corp
6. Kari
7. Colin
8. Evonne
9. Johan
10. Matt (Erin’s brother)
11. Erin’s Mom
12. Erin’s Dad

The Canadian couple has dropped out. I hope they have an even cooler space wedding sometime in the future!

Garriott’s mom called my mom and told her what it’s like to go on the flight. My dad was convinced to go after watching a video from the Zero G Company that made it look really pleasant and fun. So in the end, my parents are going on the flight after all. This is thanks in part to an anonymous soldier in Iraq who offered to pay for half of mom’s ticket.

Noah and I are flying to Florida tomorrow afternoon to get our wedding license details straightened out.

I’m still working on the bouquet part!

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Launch Party & Press Event 6/2/09

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Noah and I will be hosting a launch party, press conference and blogger meet-up* at 7:00pm on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 at the Kush Lounge:

The Kush
191 Chrystie St. (@ Stanton St.)
New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side
7:00pm – 10:00pm

It’s one small step for man, one potentially nausea-inducing leap for matrimony. A couple of space enthusiasts are getting married in zero gravity, so they’re throwing a party for what promises to be a history-making event. Drop in to get the how’s and why’s behind their wedding, which will take place aboard something called the “Vomit Comet.” There’ll be space-themed music, free Space Food Sticks to munch on, and a custom-made zero gravity wedding gown will even be on display.

*The press conference will run from 7:30-8:00 followed by a question and answer session. This will be an opportunity to meet us, get a press pack and take pictures of the dress.

Tell your friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve talked to a lot of people about our wedding, and I’ve noticed the same questions come up over and over again. To that end, I have created a page of Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Zero gravity, huh? How does that work?
Q. How long are you weightless for?
Q. Isn’t that plane called the Vomit Comet? Won’t you throw up?
Q. How much does that cost?
Q. Who’s going with you? Are your parents going?
Q. Are you paying for your guests’ tickets?
Q. Are you going to film it? Or put it on the internet?
Q. Where is the plane flying from? And when?
Q. So you you’re having three receptions?
Q. What are you going to wear?
Q. If you’re wearing a dress, won’t people see your underwear?
Q. Wait a minute, that’s only simulated zero gravity! Why don’t you just jump out of a building or go skydiving? It would be the same thing!
Q. Will you be the first? Will you be in the Guinness book of World Records?
Q. Who came up with that idea?
Q. If you have that much money, why don’t you just buy an apartment?
Q. How high does the plane fly?
Q. Has Noah seen the dress?

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Which Reception is Right for Me?

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Long before we decided to get married in zero gravity, I knew I wanted to have two receptions – one small informal party in New York City for my friends here, and one more traditional reception for my family in Michigan. I have a lot of elderly relatives for whom it would be very expensive and troublesome to travel to New York, and I don’t really want to make my New York friends travel a lot, either.

When we decided on the zero gravity flight, we never wanted to have a reception right after the flight. The idea is that we go on the flight, and then we have time to edit the video of the ceremony, and then the two receptions take place, where we screen the video for our guests.

I never thought we would have to buy twelve tickets or have quite so many guests on the plane. After the plane ride we should all eat out somewhere nice, but I would like to avoid the cost of a formal reception in Florida. I don’t need a third wedding reception!

After some discussion, Noah and I decided that the Florida ceremony after-party is only for our parents, our siblings, and our friends who are going on the plane. We don’t know who our videographer or photographer will be yet, but they’re invited to the after party.

So, even though we don’t have any reception dates yet, here’s the break down:

1. Ceremony in Florida – Immediate family and zero-g guests only
2. Party in New York City this summer – For friends in the area
3. Reception in Michigan – For family and friends in the area, probably after Labor Day

High school friends are certainly welcome to go to either reception (or both!), but I’ll need to know which one in advance.

Our friend E— was helping us lay out a budget spreadsheet which was rather terrifying. I need some flowers for each event, and a venue for each, and so forth – and hair and make-up?! Arrgg…

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Zero Gravity? How does that work?

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The first question people ask when I tell them about my wedding is: “Zero Gravity? How does that work?”

Apparently, not everyone has heard of the vomit comet. Starting in 1959, NASA ran flights which allowed passengers 30 seconds of weightlessness at a time. These were primarily research flights for scientists. The movie Apollo 13 was filmed in such a plane. In 2004 the Zero Gravity company started offering weightless flights to the public.

The passengers don’t achieve true “zero gravity” in physics terms. Apparently it’s referred to as microgravity or simulated zero gravity, because technically, it’s not zero gravity. Here’s a discussion of the terminology.

The plane flies in a series of “parabolic arcs,” which means it kind of flies in a roller coaster hill-like pattern:

So, just like riding a roller coaster, you feel weightless coming down the hill:

Why do you feel weightless at that point? I never took high school physics, and neither did Noah, but I learned a lot from 3-2-1 Contact, which is also where I first heard about the Vomit Comet. Astronauts in orbit are not really “weightless.” They have the same mass as always, but they don’t feel gravity. Astronauts are in a state of free fall, falling towards the Earth at the same rate as their shuttlecraft. They are still effected by gravity – Earth’s gravity keeps them in orbit.

What happens on a roller coaster, in the Zero G plane, and on a space shuttle is that the contact forces you usually feel are removed. Here is a really good article about contact forces. Basically, when you sit in a chair, the chair is exerting a force on you, and you are exerting force on the chair. If you and your chair are suddenly dropped from a great height, like on the “Power Tower” at Cedar Point, you and the chair are falling at the same rate, so you’re no longer feeling the contact force.

In the Zero G plane ride, the passengers and plane are falling towards the earth at the same time, so with the contact force removed you just float around in there.

Our scientist friends have cleverly suggested we could just get married while sky diving, because technically, it’s the same thing. However, lots of people have had skydiving marriages. We want to be the first couple to get married in simulated zero gravity. Besides, my dress is made for space, and this way the wind won’t mess up my hair.

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How much does it cost?

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I had always assumed it was crass to talk about the cost of one’s wedding, but because we’re getting married on the zero gravity plane, the cost seems to be the second thing people ask about, right after saying, “Zero gravity? How does that work?” – a question I will answer in a subsequent post as we build our FAQ.

Tickets on the zero gravity plane, information you could easily find at, cost:

$5,400 per person

The website says $5,200, but this is after tax. Noah and I need to pay for our tickets, and our officiant, a camera person, and some witnesses.

After talking with Zero G for several months, they came to the conclusion we would have to rent a whole section of the plane if we wanted to do a marriage ceremony (apparently there are three sections which can be closed off). A section is twelve seats, and we need to fill all twelve (or pay for them, at least).

Fortunately, another couple is planning on getting married on the same flight. They’re from Vancouver, and I’m sure I’ll talk about them more later. We decided to pool our resources and split the tickets. It’s possible Noah and I only need to buy six tickets.

However, if the Vancouver couple can’t fill enough seats or come up with their half of the money, we have to fill all twelve seats. So the total cost is:

From $32,400 to $64,800

So that’s the equivalent of one two years at NYU, or a couple of new cars. The average New York City wedding costs about $19,888 and $33,147 according to (Strangely it’s more expensive in the Michigan town where I’m from: $22,489 and $37,481.) Granted, the average cost includes the reception and rings and everything, and I’m only talking about the ceremony.

Originally, we were hoping to find sponsors. After one year of not making any progress on that front, we knew that if this was going to happen, we would have to foot most of the bill ourselves. We’re still hopeful that our officiant and/or cameraperson can pay some or all of their own ticket, but even sending a single cameraman was beyond the budget of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway.

Even though it seemed impossible, Noah found a way to pay for the tickets… but we would still love to find some sponsors. If you’re reading this and have a business you’d like to promote either in zero gravity or in the credits of our wedding video, which will surely be seen by millions of people on the internet, please get in touch by emailing

Our guest list is not final, but a rough list might look something like this:

1. Aza (Vancouver Groom)
2. Mel (Vancouver Bride)
3. Noah (groom)
4. Erin (me)
5. Officiant (An astronaut?)
6. Vancouver camera person
7. Our camera person
8. Vancouver wedding guest 1 (wedding guests can act as witnesses)
9. Vancouver wedding guest 2
10. Our wedding guest 1
11. Our wedding guest 2
12. Spare slot if one of us has an extra guest, we end up getting a fashion photographer, etc.

Is anyone interested in knowing how much the dress cost? Because I’ll tell you, I just assumed it was rude to talk about it.

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